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Create your own podcast and listen, you can hear the colors flowering in the quiet of your soul.

We think about everything to help you to mix your colors !

Our Values
  • Authenticity
  • Human and our planet first
  • Human relations before ego
  • Staying humble
  • Honesty
  • Transparency
  • Being an added Social Value
  • A given word, a commitment made, is sacred
What is important for us?

For our association, sharing is a duty that guarantees and participates in the evolution and enrichment of culture and humanity.

Education (of any kind) should, as for health care, NEVER be monetised (only the costs of infrastructure, for food or drinks during a break) and this is how we have always proceeded.

This is one of the reasons why we have decided to start a non-profit association and not a money driven business.

In our “Academy” section we share our experience little by little, entirely free of charge. This does not mean we can’t use donations. They will help us …. because we unfortunately live in a society where money is sometimes more important then people.

Do you want to encourage this vision?
Is putting people first also your first wish?

You have probably already understood that our intention is to reverse the phenomenon (currently taken for granted by many).
The paradox is that in order to start and move forward, to launch this example, we urgently need a minimum of funds…

These funds will allow us to survive, to invest and to go further in sharing.
And in our case a donation is based on a different approach then paying for knowledge.

You can proceed here !