Originally from Namur, she always loved listening to people. As it was not a profession, she tried to follow a classical path. But leopards do not change their spots.

Worried about the degradation of the environment, she wanted to act. But differently. A 4 months trip with her family in Asia, a meeting with a freediving champion, and the idea of the podcast, a wonderfully intimate format, was born.

Storylific has a double mission: to do good to the mind while doing good to the planet.

Disney used to say, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” When the daily news might make you feel like giving up, it has never been more important to put the “right” stories between your ears. The stories that boost your mindset. The ones showing that anyone can live an extra-ordinary life.

The podcast redistributes 50% of its earnings to reforestation. With this gesture AnBé hopes to show that, whatever your profession, you can act for the climate and biodiversity. No need to be part of an NGO.

With Storylific it is as easy as listening to a podcast!

So if you want to do good and help the podcast plant trees with your ears, come and discover Storylific!

His adventure with us in a few steps :

A mutual acquaintance, Vincent Truyens, recommended Anbé to contact us, knowing our commitment to social causes, regarding her project.

In March 2021 we started to be in contact and we did his interview for the Midoricast project to present this great Storylific project.

Anbé :The most important thing for me was that you gave me advice for the propagation of my podcast, for my website, and that above all, I know that at any moment there is someone who knows super well who is ready to advise me. Not to feel alone in carrying this. That’s by far the most important thing for me.

Behind the scenes :

We asked Anne to tell us about her pets, to tell us a little more about herself, here is her answer:

  • A CatPistache“, who is very cuddly but starts to play fight without warning. Ouch.
  • And all the animals in the forest behind my house! Not “domestic” but wild, that’s still how I prefer them. I go to see them as often as possible
  • My 2 other little pets who require a lot of maintenance but give it back well: Amandine and Valentine, who participate in each podcast with 1 question!
  • And to complete the picture:
    a husband who thank God loves podcasts!
  • In the past I had a canary, Fifi, a Russian hamster, Vladimir (yeah yeah… I wouldn’t give that name now – I’d call him Adolf I think), two dogs, Dazzler and Simba. And I’ve taken in a lot of sparrows, pigeons and injured animals.
  • And I raised earthworms under my bed when I was six. Mum was not happy, especially when they ran away.