Eric Cooper

Eric Cooper

Eric Cooper is one of our very first member from the beginning of the creation of our community.

His Podcast is available in French. Eric proposes a native format like we promote it !

Les Interviews d’Eric Cooper” is a member of l’ABiPP (Association of Belgian independent Pure Players)

Les Interviews d’Eric Cooper ” is recognised by the Conseil Supérieur de l’Audiovisuel ( as a “non-linear” audiovisual media service.

A conversation is an exchange of information between two or more individuals, usually on a specific topic. Conversation is a common form of communication that allows people to get to know each other.

Eric Cooper’s interviews are conducted in a simple conversational tone, with a simple setting: a café terrace, a museum, a park, a train station. The perfect atmosphere to let the conversation flow easily. With as only witness the microphone. It will faithfully reproduce the exchanges, the external noises…

The listener is not present at this conversation. But they will be able to relive it faithfully thanks to “Les Interviews d’Eric Cooper“. The listener will be able to discover a singer, rugby player, a scientist, a writer, a cartoonist, a former air hostess, a royal butler, an Acadian artist, a musician, a flamenco enthusiast … and experience a unique and timeless “podcastic” moment.

To experience this moment, subscribe now to “Les Interviews d’Eric Cooper” to discover, through their words, the passions and creations of passionate people.

His adventure with us in a few steps :

It is above all a human encounter and common values, similar concerns for the environment that are at the root of our connection.

Eric had questions and needed proven expertise to launch his podcast (several podcasts since): and we answered, shared our experience and above all we didn’t omit any information, no question of keeping a secret garden when we decide to share knowledge. We share to help, so all or nothing (otherwise it’s ego).

We are very proud that one of the first to have trust us and become a member is a qualified journalist and radio presenter at RCF !

Eric has not ceased to support us and to be faithful, he is also always willing to help the other members.

Thx for all Eric : you are now our VIP.

Behind the scenes :

Really concerned by the environmental cause, Eric loves animals, and has an adorable cat!

You might bump into him in Liege or at a cultural event, if he’s holding a microphone wait until he’s finished to approach him.

Always willing to help, Eric is oriented to humain and he shares many values with our association.