Roxane Malik

Roxane Malik

For as long as she can remember, Roxane has loved teaching, training, motivating and inspiring.

It’s only natural that she decided to launch her first monthly podcast in 2021, called “Plan B”, which goes out to meet those who love and live for and through cryptocurrencies.

Her guests share their journey into the cryptosphere, a world that is often misunderstood, too little known and often maligned.

Come and discover fascinating stories of people who are passionate about blockchain technology and crypto-currencies, discover their journey, their successes, their failures but above all why and how they decided to get involved body & soul in this world.

In 2022, she will launch a second podcast on parenting, featuring anonymous parents who will answer the questions she asks herself in her own parenting and which she never stops asking herself… ” But how do the others do it? “.

From the birth list, to the choice of delivery, through the lullabies, the little games and readings, the rituals, the doubts, the moments of joy, and the tears…

After all, you are not born a parent, you become one. And if it takes a village to raise a child, in 2022, that village is shrinking and this podcast could be one of the keys to gentler parenting.

His adventure with us in a few steps :

Roxane asked her friend Davy Courteaux if he knew someone who could help her create her podcast project and David recommended Michel to her with these words

‘He is a real enthusiast, he shares his knowledge and he has even created a non-profit organisation‘.

After a few exchanges, in January 2021, Roxane published her first episode of the “Plan B” podcast about crypto.

Roxane admits that since then she has not taken all the advice into account but for her second podcast she realises that the advice is very relevant and that she should have paid more attention to it.

With enthusiasm she joined our association and plans to prepare her second podcast Project by integrating more tips and tricks that we will offer her.

Behind the scenes :

Roxane is from Brussels, thirty years old on paper but forever sixteen.

Married to Olivier, a geek at heart, they have two beautiful children. So don’t be surprised if you see her with her husband wearing a Dark Vador / Anakin Skywalker’s T-shirt…