Christine MENTIOR

Christine MENTIOR

Officially secretary of our association, Christine Mentior is much more than that!

She is the copywriter of our podcasts,  our documents and plays an important role in the internal organisation!

A professional freelance biographer, Christine has written not only life stories but also travelogues, children’s stories and poetry.

Recently retired, she continues to analyse, write and proofread numerous documents for her clients.

Her adventure with us in a few steps :
  • 2018 Christine already came to our micro as a guest for hrmeetup, and with her activity of life stories she joined the idea of a podcast project in preparation. She was welcomed by our association directly into the direction board.
Behind the scenes :

Grandmother of six young children whom she actively cares for, Christine takes piano lessons at the music academy and drawing lessons at the Fine Arts academy in Wavre.

Concerned about her environment, she is an ambassador for Be Wapp and regularly cleans her neighbourhood.

This year, Christine made an incredible 2,500 kilometre journey by bike from her home to Santiago de Compostela.

Whatever the weather, rain or shine, wind or fatigue, she happily reached her destination and shared her journey with us every day for our pleasure.

She will soon publish a book about this adventure!