Vincent Danniau

Vincent Danniau

Vincent has been in charge of communication for 15 years in associations and NGOs based in Belgium.

He was also a French teacher.

His French podcast, launched in May 2021, is called “Trouvez votre voie.voix“.

He records his episodes in nature with little or no editing.

He likes to say, “Often in one take as if it was a live radio broadcast“.

His guests are artists, entrepreneurs, founders of social causes.

They reveal their vulnerabilities, share with kindness and spontaneity their life paths and potential.

His adventure with us in a few steps :

He met Michel in July 2021 and it was a spontaneous match in terms of values and vision of life.

Since then, co-hosted podcasts have been created…

The democratization of knowledge, the desire to learn, the human side, humour and sharing are what makes him happy, like the other members of The Podcast Factory Org.

In December 2021; Vincent helped our association to provide and deliver podcast training for school dropouts.

Services that could be offered to the pedagogical workshop in Brussels that takes care of these students.

Thank you for the few Thursdays of volunteering.

Behind the scenes :

Vincent has a cat called Feli (short for Felixia) which brings him joy, as does reading (favorite book: The Little Prince) and cultural outings, which he likes particularly.