Yannick Renuart

Yannick Renuart

Yannick obtained his bachelor’s degree in 2017 & a master’s degree in Lifelong Learning in 2019.

He has been : painter, musician, photographer, communication officer, exhibition manager, salesman and socio-cultural animator.

He is now developing The Natural Reset (TNR ASBL), an association based on the principles of Continuing Education, aiming to raise awareness of environmental health and ecological issues.

It’s quite a programme, but above all it’s exciting.

Yannick offers us a “The Natural Reset” section in our Midoricast podcast (this podcast deals with positive initiatives about environment, health and overall transition, so the matching is an evidence).

His adventure with us in a few steps :

We went to the Hope exhibition in Namur in October 2022 and a link was directly created on the basis of our common concerns, hence the idea of going further and launching a collaboration together with our respective projects.

From January 2023, through The Natural Reset section, you will discover the virtues of immersion in nature, current issues on ecology and environmental health, but also on citizen initiatives and their values.

From scientific facts to inspiring citizen stories, Yannick will share and exchange with experts in the field.

Behind the scenes :

Introducing myself, where to start? The beginning? The beginning.

I am Yannick Renuart, born in the 90s. I am neuro-atypical, as we say now : that is to say that my brain works a little differently from the average.

This makes me a genuinely empathetic, sometimes intense, caring and generous person.

I studied communication, obtained my Bachelor’s degree in 2017, my Master’s degree in Lifelong Learning in 2019, even though I was told as a teenager that “I have a communication problem”.