In “HR Voices & Visions” we talk about professions, but also students and people active in the world of HR passed by our mic.

This projects lets us go very broad, from train conductor to police inspector. From tv host to HR director.

The idea about “The Podcast Factory” was born, a non-profit organisation where all different Podcast projects could be united. We get inspiration by letting passionate people sharing their story, not from a company view to get some quick bucks, but from a human aspect. This is what makes us unique, from human to human.

The joyful little green men spread around the internet and that’s how we got into contact with “hrmeetup. ©“. They assembled people from the world of HR in Cook & Book, to challenge different topics in a playful way.

What started out with a cooperation, soon became a fusion from both parties. The name “HR Voices & Visions” disappeared, hrmeetup. © stays.

2016 we decided to not make a seperate website anymore for “hrmeetup. ©“, but to integrate it in the website of “What’s your Story“, under the category “Work & Education”. 

What's Your Story