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Les Interviews d’Eric Cooper (honorary member)

Eric Cooper

Eric Cooper

Eric Cooper is one of our very first member from the beginning of the creation of our community.

His Podcast is available in French. Eric proposes a native format like we promote it !

Les Interviews d’Eric Cooper” is a member of l’ABiPP (Association of Belgian independent Pure Players)

Les Interviews d’Eric Cooper ” is recognised by the Conseil Supérieur de l’Audiovisuel (www.csa.be) as a “non-linear” audiovisual media service.

A conversation is an exchange of information between two or more individuals, usually on a specific topic. Conversation is a common form of communication that allows people to get to know each other.

Eric Cooper’s interviews are conducted in a simple conversational tone, with a simple setting: a café terrace, a museum, a park, a train station. The perfect atmosphere to let the conversation flow easily. With as only witness the microphone. It will faithfully reproduce the exchanges, the external noises…

The listener is not present at this conversation. But they will be able to relive it faithfully thanks to “Les Interviews d’Eric Cooper“. The listener will be able to discover a singer, rugby player, a scientist, a writer, a cartoonist, a former air hostess, a royal butler, an Acadian artist, a musician, a flamenco enthusiast … and experience a unique and timeless “podcastic” moment.

To experience this moment, subscribe now to “Les Interviews d’Eric Cooper” to discover, through their words, the passions and creations of passionate people.

His adventure with us in a few steps :

It is above all a human encounter and common values, similar concerns for the environment that are at the root of our connection.

Eric had questions and needed proven expertise to launch his podcast (several podcasts since): and we answered, shared our experience and above all we didn’t omit any information, no question of keeping a secret garden when we decide to share knowledge. We share to help, so all or nothing (otherwise it’s ego).

We are very proud that one of the first to have trust us and become a member is a qualified journalist and radio presenter at RCF !

Eric has not ceased to support us and to be faithful, he is also always willing to help the other members.

Thx for all Eric : you are now our VIP.

Behind the scenes :

Really concerned by the environmental cause, Eric loves animals, and has an adorable cat!

You might bump into him in Liege or at a cultural event, if he’s holding a microphone wait until he’s finished to approach him.

Always willing to help, Eric is oriented to humain and he shares many values with our association.

AnBé (honorary member)



Originally from Namur, she always loved listening to people. As it was not a profession, she tried to follow a classical path. But leopards do not change their spots.

Worried about the degradation of the environment, she wanted to act. But differently. A 4 months trip with her family in Asia, a meeting with a freediving champion, and the idea of the podcast, a wonderfully intimate format, was born.

Storylific has a double mission: to do good to the mind while doing good to the planet.

Disney used to say, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” When the daily news might make you feel like giving up, it has never been more important to put the “right” stories between your ears. The stories that boost your mindset. The ones showing that anyone can live an extra-ordinary life.

The podcast redistributes 50% of its earnings to reforestation. With this gesture AnBé hopes to show that, whatever your profession, you can act for the climate and biodiversity. No need to be part of an NGO.

With Storylific it is as easy as listening to a podcast!

So if you want to do good and help the podcast plant trees with your ears, come and discover Storylific!

His adventure with us in a few steps :

A mutual acquaintance, Vincent Truyens, recommended Anbé to contact us, knowing our commitment to social causes, regarding her project.

In March 2021 we started to be in contact and we did his interview for the Midoricast project to present this great Storylific project.

Anbé :The most important thing for me was that you gave me advice for the propagation of my podcast, for my website, and that above all, I know that at any moment there is someone who knows super well who is ready to advise me. Not to feel alone in carrying this. That’s by far the most important thing for me.

Behind the scenes :

We asked Anne to tell us about her pets, to tell us a little more about herself, here is her answer:

  • A CatPistache“, who is very cuddly but starts to play fight without warning. Ouch.
  • And all the animals in the forest behind my house! Not “domestic” but wild, that’s still how I prefer them. I go to see them as often as possible
  • My 2 other little pets who require a lot of maintenance but give it back well: Amandine and Valentine, who participate in each podcast with 1 question!
  • And to complete the picture:
    a husband who thank God loves podcasts!
  • In the past I had a canary, Fifi, a Russian hamster, Vladimir (yeah yeah… I wouldn’t give that name now – I’d call him Adolf I think), two dogs, Dazzler and Simba. And I’ve taken in a lot of sparrows, pigeons and injured animals.
  • And I raised earthworms under my bed when I was six. Mum was not happy, especially when they ran away.

Vincent Danniau (honorary member)

Vincent Danniau

Vincent Danniau

Vincent has been in charge of communication for 15 years in associations and NGOs based in Belgium.

He was also a French teacher.

His French podcast, launched in May 2021, is called “Trouvez votre voie.voix“.

He records his episodes in nature with little or no editing.

He likes to say, “Often in one take as if it was a live radio broadcast“.

His guests are artists, entrepreneurs, founders of social causes.

They reveal their vulnerabilities, share with kindness and spontaneity their life paths and potential.

His adventure with us in a few steps :

He met Michel in July 2021 and it was a spontaneous match in terms of values and vision of life.

Since then, co-hosted podcasts have been created…

The democratization of knowledge, the desire to learn, the human side, humour and sharing are what makes him happy, like the other members of The Podcast Factory Org.

In December 2021; Vincent helped our association to provide and deliver podcast training for school dropouts.

Services that could be offered to the pedagogical workshop in Brussels that takes care of these students.

Thank you for the few Thursdays of volunteering.

Behind the scenes :

Vincent has a cat called Feli (short for Felixia) which brings him joy, as does reading (favorite book: The Little Prince) and cultural outings, which he likes particularly.

Christine Caron

Christine Caron

Christine Caron

The Rubik’s Cube, a child’s play on parenting!

During my 10 years in the medical field, and my 25 years in teaching as a PMS nurse and trainer, I have met many children, families/parents, and teachers who are distraught. Many wounds, difficulties in dealing with their experiences, questioning.

This led me to create the “Initium Podcast” project. It is true that all parents ask themselves the same question: what to do to give the best?.

With Initium Podcast, you will discover avenues of reflection, points of view, tools on what marks out our life as parents, and the approach to a better personal knowledge.

For how can you support / accompany your child without knowing yourself?

Initium, the beginning of a journey where parents will be accompanied towards a positive evolution.

His adventure with us in a few steps :

From nurse to podcast

Why base my project on podcasting?

In fact, I find podcasting easy and inspiring. It’s a system that is free, that can reach a lot of people, no matter where they are, in the train, the car, at home. It doesn’t take much time, and the person defines their own listening time. They can take a break and resume listening later. I myself listen to my favourite podcasts in the car, when I’m cooking or walking with my dogs, …

And from podcast to “The Podcast Factory Org”…

You meet people who cross your path at the right time. Michel is one of them.

My project is based on a medium that is starting to develop in Europe, the podcast. Michel supported me, helped me to build the technical basis of my project, and even more. I embarked with him on a human adventure.

Meeting a non-profit organisation that shares the same values as you is rich and stimulating.

I regularly ask Michel for advice and tips. He is always available, full of kindness and authentic.

Behind the scenes :

Mother of 3 children… who have often served as guinea pigs, Christine is a beautiful Belgian melting pot, Walloon on her mother’s side and Flemish on her father’s side.

She has always had a passion for human relations and their interaction with the environment. Always observing, testing, discovering… A real curiosity seeker.

She conveys authentic, wholehearted and eco-responsible values.

One of the values taught to her children is respect for oneself, for others and for the environment.

She has many passions, as she is always eager to discover new things, one of which is to pass on her knowledge.

For her and her husband, two things should be free: education and access to health care.

Together with her husband, they have just completed one of their life projects: to move to Portugal. In addition, they are preparing a respectful environment that should lead them to a relative food independence (permaculture – avoidance of pesticides and hope to lead to a reflection in their village,…).

As a nature lover, you may meet her at the bend in the road with their 2 Australian shepherds: ObsiDiane and SlimBolleth (Obsi & Slim to their friends). 30 kilos of unconditional love, each!

If not, you may have experienced her as a trainer or a health visitor, as she worked 25 years for the French Community. Or, unluckily, crossed paths with her in a hospital corridor at the beginning of her career.

Nowadays, you may hear her on the airwaves interviewing a parenting personality, giving you some tips and tricks, which will be useful to you as a parent. She rarely leaves you indifferent with her sparkling goodness.

She is proof that a change of direction can be made throughout one’s life. That an atypical path does not mean unstable, but is an enriching experience. And that you can cross paths with people who are just as sparkling.

Xavier Dufour

Xavier Dufour

Xavier Dufour

Xavier is the creator of the new podcast “Ça Parle de Cul!“, the new french podcast about masculine sexuality.

He loves to put a grain of madness in his work, sometimes even more !

To learn men sharing their experience about sexuality with fun, go to listen to “Ça parle de Cul!”, there is a new episode every month !

His adventure with us in a few steps :

Xavier is a newcomer in the podcaster community (2022), yet he already put a lot of efforts into making his creations qualitatives and impactful.

His favourite quote: “If not perfect, it’s fine. But make sure next time is !

Behind the scenes :

What Xavier likes to do ? Dancing, playing pokemon (3rd Gen is fav’), playing percussion and talking about sex (of course !).

Nothing uncommon, you see…

Roxane Malik

Roxane Malik

Roxane Malik

For as long as she can remember, Roxane has loved teaching, training, motivating and inspiring.

It’s only natural that she decided to launch her first monthly podcast in 2021, called “Plan B”, which goes out to meet those who love and live for and through cryptocurrencies.

Her guests share their journey into the cryptosphere, a world that is often misunderstood, too little known and often maligned.

Come and discover fascinating stories of people who are passionate about blockchain technology and crypto-currencies, discover their journey, their successes, their failures but above all why and how they decided to get involved body & soul in this world.

In 2022, she will launch a second podcast on parenting, featuring anonymous parents who will answer the questions she asks herself in her own parenting and which she never stops asking herself… ” But how do the others do it? “.

From the birth list, to the choice of delivery, through the lullabies, the little games and readings, the rituals, the doubts, the moments of joy, and the tears…

After all, you are not born a parent, you become one. And if it takes a village to raise a child, in 2022, that village is shrinking and this podcast could be one of the keys to gentler parenting.

His adventure with us in a few steps :

Roxane asked her friend Davy Courteaux if he knew someone who could help her create her podcast project and David recommended Michel to her with these words

‘He is a real enthusiast, he shares his knowledge and he has even created a non-profit organisation‘.

After a few exchanges, in January 2021, Roxane published her first episode of the “Plan B” podcast about crypto.

Roxane admits that since then she has not taken all the advice into account but for her second podcast she realises that the advice is very relevant and that she should have paid more attention to it.

With enthusiasm she joined our association and plans to prepare her second podcast Project by integrating more tips and tricks that we will offer her.

Behind the scenes :

Roxane is from Brussels, thirty years old on paper but forever sixteen.

Married to Olivier, a geek at heart, they have two beautiful children. So don’t be surprised if you see her with her husband wearing a Dark Vador / Anakin Skywalker’s T-shirt…