What we do / propose as services

A list of what we propose:

  • Podcast project consultancy
  • Production
  • Post-production
  • Technical support (recording till publication, including websites & social media)
  • Statistics tools configuration….
  • Renting of podcast material or recroding studio

Benefit of all our experiences gathered since 2007, main focus on quality.

Our approach is to listen and clarify where you are in three main areas before we provide our services:

  • Project Management
  • Lean approach
  • UX (User eXperience)

The success of your podcast depends on these aspects!

  • You have little or no budget : we train you for free and you learn to do it yourself.
  • You have a limited budget that allows you to ask us to manage certain tasks ? We will set priorities with you but note that the highest cost centres are : Implementation (this is a one-off and then just a quality control); podcast editing, transcription & sequencing.
  • Do you have the budget? We can take care of everything & you can focus on your goal.

Whatever your choices, we will help and advise you.

Our podcast studio :

We collaborate with :

Work And Meet : since April 2022


W.A.M.Talk is the Work And Meet french podcast that opens the doors of its community to you.

Discover the Belgian coworking spaces and coworkers who bring your work sharing moments to life!

Host : Michel Godart & Jonas Benazzi


Jonas Benazzi

CEO, Work And Meet

belfa : since November 2021

“WeX TALKs Podcast | belfa”

The first independent podcast in Belgium dedicated to Facility & Workplace Management whose objective is to create, through testimonies and inspiration, inter-professional and inter-sectorial bridges.

This podcast is a belfa WeX stream initiative.

As belfa is the belgian facility association, this podcast offers most of the interviews in French & Dutch, but also in English.

Host : Sangara Klespis

Exchange | Expert | Evolve


Sangara Klespis

WeX Leader and member of board, belfa

Love Health Center : since July 2021


The podcast is in French and English

Let’s talk about sexuality with simplicity, boldness and authenticity.

Entr’Nous is a lively podcast where we talk about sex with authenticity, and where we invite you to explore your relationship to your sexuality.

Host : Olivier Mageren

“Entr’Nous, le podcast pour parler de sexualité, par vous, avec vous, pour vous”

Olivier Mageren

Founder, Love Health Center

Biz-info : since October 2020

“HR Talks (by HRMinfo.eu)”

Interviews, alternately in Dutch and French, about recent developments in HR and current socio-economic topics relevant to HR.

With HR professionals (CHRO, HR director/manager, L&D manager, recruitment manager, eHR systems/tools manager, HRIS manager…), working in a company, in a government organisation or non-profit organisation.

Sometimes the guest / interlocutor is a CEO/general director, board member or line manager with an interesting vision on HR and not working for an HR service provider.

The podcast is broadcast monthly.

Host : Marc Ernst


Marc Ernst

Founder & Director, BizInfo

EOX Construction : since 2019 until 2021

“EOX Frequency”

EOX Frequency is a podcast co-created with  The Podcast Factory Org NPO and offered by EOX Construction. A podcast available in French.

Career advice and staffing by people for people!

“”EOX Construction offers a promise: to meet your expectations by understanding your business and your needs.”

Once a month, listen to our podcasts to talk about the players in the construction industry.

Host : Michaël Dumbi & Michel Godart

Michaël Dumbi

Owner, EOX Construction