David Van den Broeck is not only the vice-president of our association but he is also CRM & lifecycle Manager at Touring.


Very talented and expert in several fields, he brings all his professionalism to our association of which he is the co-founder.


His adventure with us in a few steps :
  • 2009 David Van den Broeck first joined our team with the first podcast project: “Le Podcast High Tech” where he was the Dutch & English speaking host and already very active in helping the project to succeed (with an audience of about 30.000 unique visitors a month).
  • 2011 he continued the adventure with us and co-created our second project “hrmeetup”
  • 2012 David launched the third of our podcast “Project Daybreak” with our honorary member and colleague : Sergej Porte (Panthera).
  • 2017 this third project continue under the name of “What’s Your Story” and this website becomes the one that hosts all our current productions. Indeed, from a platform for upcoming talents, in a world of music, film, theater, comedy and so much more, the project now extends to several themes.
  • 2018 it was obvious, given his key role, that he would be a co-founder of our association. But much more than that, as David is also our voice of the podcast in English, Dutch (and occasionally French). He is the visionary and defines our strategies.

David and Michel Godart are the DNA and the engine of The Podcast Factory Org !

The first podcast project “Le Podcast High Tech” will soon be back with Matthieu’s blessing under our colours.

Behind the scenes :

David is a reliable and faithful friend who can be counted on.

He is an animal lover and has an adorable little dog (Cavalier King Charles) named “Arthur“.

You might meet David Van den Broeck, one day, on a street corner in Bruges where he lives and he will always have a smile for you when you greet him. And you have probably even seen him on TV, in a well-known reality show in Flanders. Or in a festival ?