Michel Godart is one of the co-founder of this non profit organisation.

He is also the voice of all of our french podcasts.

Passionate about technology, Michel aims to make information as accessible as possible. He is fighting for inclusionfeminist and eco-responsible !

In all his podcast projects, he wants to inspire by the examples that his guests bring to the microphone.

The podcast is for Michel a passion and the most important, a guarantee for democracy “A media produced BY the citizen FOR the citizen !”

His adventure with us in a few steps :
  • 2007 Michel co-created, with Mathieu Pesesse, their first podcast project: “Le Podcast High Tech” where he was the French voice and Apple expert.
  • 2009 he became close friends with David Van den Broeck who joined the team as a Dutch-speaking animator.
    The first project was stopped by Matthieu.
  • 2011, Michel decided to co-create with David a new project “hrmeetup”
  • 2013 Michel joined a third podcastproject created by David & Sergej Porte (Panthera) :  “Project Daybreak”.
  • 2017 this third project continues under the name of “What’s Your Story” and this website becomes the one that hosts all our current productions. From a platform for upcoming talents, in a world of music, film, theater, comedy and so much more, the project now extends to several themes.
  • 2018 Michel and David created the association and both are the DNA, the engine of The Podcast Factory Org !

The first podcast project “Le Podcast High Tech” will soon be back with Matthieu’s blessing under our colours.

Behind the scenes :

Michel is at first a happy dad of Manon, who is already following her father’s passion as podcaster.
You can find some podcast interviews she initiated at the age of 8 !

French origins on his mother’s side and Belgian on his father’s side.

It is difficult to find someone more open-minded than Michel, whatever the subject…always with nuances and human being in priority.
What counts for him is to be authentic, honest and fair, a given word, a commitment made, is important.
Sharing knowledge and passion is what he puts in first.

He is also an animal lover and he takes care of his daughter’s animals : an adorable little dog (Cavalier King Charles) named “Sky“ and a cat named “Milly“.

You might meet Michel Godart, one day, on a street corner in Boutersem where he lives and he will always have a smile for you.

You have probably even seen him at transforma bxl, on a networking event and you have maybe even recognised his voice on the phone if you’ve called an IT support service or telecom operator.

He may have already served you in a palace, in a famous restaurant or with a catering service (kosher or not) all over Europe : from the south of France to Berlin. And like a very long time ago : he may possibly made the bread or pastries you ate if you were in the region of Dour (Athis). As a mather of fact he still makes excellent chocolate éclairs (100% bio). And even more time ago he has worked in hospital as trainee nurse or in a nursery for children….

Michel has made an atypical and exceptional journey…  he is very often told that he should write a book on his life.